Two students working at a computer in London Library

Making your learning experience comfortable and productive

Everyone learns in different ways and you may need different study environments at different times depending upon your mood or the task in hand. We therefore aim to provide spaces that reflect your various needs. Our learning spaces enable you to make the most of our services.

If you need help with finding or using different learning spaces, please let us know; we are here to make sure your learning experience is the best it can be.

Quiet Study

The Library on the first floor, where all our books are, is a quiet study area where you can study and do research without interruption. The quiet study area has 20 computers for individual use, 12 silent-study desks, and 2 additional seating in the journals section. The whole area is a noise free zone, so please be considerate to other users. We would appreciate your help in maintaining a pleasant learning environment by respecting the following guidelines:

Mobile phones

In the interests of your fellow students please refrain from using your mobile phone in the Library. Please remember to set your phone to silent before entering the Library and take all calls outside.

Food and drinks

You are welcome to bring in bottled drinks, but we would appreciate your help by not eating any food or drinking from open containers in the Library. 

Keeping the learning spaces neat and tidy

To help us keep our spaces available throughout our opening hours as a pleasant study environment for all, please make sure you do not leave any rubbish behind. Please do not leave any bags or valuables behind even if you leave for a short break; the Library cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items, and bags that are left behind may be removed for security reasons.

Group and Flexible Study

If you need to work on group assignments, study with your peers, and practise presentations, you will find a number of group and flexible study areas on the second and fourth floors where you can talk without disturbing others, use your phones, and eat and drink.