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We are here to support your teaching

The Library provides a wide range of resources and services to support learning, teaching and research. We work closely with academic staff to ensure our students have excellent learning experience. Here you will find all the information you need to get started and to make the most of our services. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any questions please ask a member of staff. You can contact us in a number of ways including in person, by email, telephone and live chat.

Getting Started

Your library registration is completed automatically when you join the University so you do not need to register to use the Library separately.

The Library Guide for Members of Staff has information about how to start using the Library.


How do I find and borrow books?

Our Library Catalogue makes it easy to find the resources you are looking for, to check the availability of stock and access e-books online. The easiest way to search for a book is to enter the title and author surname. Location information will be given listing library site, number of available copies, and a call number to help you find material on the library shelves. 

Once you have found the location of a book and collected it from the shelf, you can borrow it at the Library desk where a member of staff will help you. 

If you have trouble finding anything in the Library please ask us, we are here to help.

How many books can I borrow?

  • Members of staff may borrow up to 12 items

For how long can I borrow a book? 

You can borrow books for 4 weeks (this will be reduced to one week if reserved by another user).

All borrowed resources can be renewed up to 5 times provided that there are no reservations on the title. 

How do I borrow books from St Peter's and Murray Library in Sunderland?

If we do not have a book and there is no e-book equivalent, you can also borrow resources from libraries in Sunderland. If you wish to borrow items available in either St Peter's or Murray Library, please use the "Reserve this item" button in order to request the book to come down to London Library. You can borrow the book from us when it arrives and return it to us when you finish reading it.

How do I access e-books?

You can read e-books on and off campus via the links displayed in the search results on the Library Catalogue. Use your University user ID and password to log in and gain access. Some e-books are also available to download for 24 hours. 


How do I know when my items are due?

You can check when your item is due for return on the due date stamp inside the book or by using the online My Account option. To help you remember this date we send courtesy email reminders to your University email account 3 days prior to the due date. We will also email you if your books go overdue. As books remain your responsibility while they are on loan to you, please make sure you know when they are due back, and do not rely on the courtesy emails. 

How do I return resources?

You can return your books at the desk. You do not need your card in order to return items. 

To avoid overdue charges and to make sure that everyone has a fair opportunity to borrow items please make sure that you return them on or before the due date. If you know you are unable to return resources by the due date please let us know, this will help you to avoid having to pay unnecessary charges.

What are the charges for late return and how do I pay my fines?

Our overdue fines are 10p per resource per day.

Please note that each item can incur a maximum fine of £15 every time you allow it to become overdue. 

Library charges can be paid online with a bank card or via PayPal using the My Account option on the Library Catalogue. You will need to log in using your University user ID and password. Once you have logged in choose the 'Pay Charges' tab and click on 'Pay Now' to proceed with your payment. 

Please note that your library account will be suspended if you do not pay off your fines within 30 days. 

I lost a library book, what should I do?

If you think you may have lost a library book please contact the Library as soon as possible as this could reduce the amount you have to pay. The Library staff will provide you more information on replacement costs and procedures. 

Renewing and Reserving

How do I renew my books?

You can renew your resources quickly and easily 24/7 by using the My Account option of our Library Catalogue. You will need to log in using your University user ID and password. You can also renew your items at the library desk.

All borrowed resources can be renewed up to 7 times provided that there are no reservations on the title. After the fifth time, you will need to return the item before you can check it out again.  

How do I reserve resources?

Our Library Catalogue makes it quick and easy to reserve items. Simply find the title in the catalogue and use the 'Reserve this item' option with your University user ID and password. Make sure London Library is the collection site. You will receive an email once the item is ready for collection. You will then have 5 working days to collect your reserved items from the library desk.

My Library Account

Manage your library account online using the My Account option of the Library Catalogue. You will need to log in using your University user ID and password.

You can use your online account to:

  • View your loans and return dates
  • Renew your resources
  • Reserve resources and manage your reservations
  • View and pay any library charges with a link to our online payment service
  • View your loan history listing all items you have ever borrowed
  • View all notification emails you have received from the Library

Why has my library account been suspended? 

Your library account is suspended automatically if any of the following happens:

  • You have outstanding charges that exceed £14.99
  • Outstanding charges have remained on your account for more than 30 days
  • You have one or more items that have been overdue for more than 30 days

What should I do if my library account has been suspended?

You will need to:

Please note that you will be unable to renew or borrow any further items until the suspension has been resolved. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your library account.

Subject Resources

We purchase resources based on reading lists and your suggestions to ensure our resources fully support and contribute to excellent teaching and learning experience.

Where do my students find their module reading lists?

My Module Resources (MMR) is our online reading lists system that links directly to:

  • our Library Catalogue to see current availability of the material
  • electronic resources in Discover 
  • webpages and online databases

Find out more about MMR

How do I suggest a title for purchase?

If there is a title you think your students should have access to please let us know by filling in a book suggestion form and we will be happy to purchase it for our collection. Please tell us the module code or title and how many students are attending. 

Information Literacy and Subject Support

We offer a wide range of material and deliver skills sessions to help your students improve their information literacy skills.

Our Library training sessions and Study Skills pages help students to learn all about academic research and acquire skills necessary to successfully complete assignments.

 These resources and sessions will guide your students through all stages of assignment writing such as:

  • research planning and effective time management
  • finding and identifying relevant resources
  • understanding and evaluating information
  • writing a successful essay using academic style
  • referencing and avoiding plagiarism

Our sessions also provide advice on most reliable, up-to-date academic and industry publications on your subject. 

How do I arrange a session for my students?

In addition to drop-in and one-to-one sessions we also offer in-class sessions tailored to your specific group of students. If you would like to arrange a session please get in touch with us.