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Journals, Databases, and Research

Access subscription online journals and databases via the institutional gateway Discover


Journals and databases are vital in the field of research as they contain more current information than books. The Library receives a number of print journals for your subject area but the majority of our journals are online. Discover is the institutional gateway to all electronic resources. It provides access to most reliable, up-to-date academic and industry publications and subject specific databases. 

Past Projects, Dissertations and Research

A selection of past University of Sunderland dissertations and projects are kept in stock and can be used for reference purposes. Please contact Library staff at the issue desk if you want to browse any dissertations.


SUnderland REpository (SURE) is a collection of the research output produced at the University of Sunderland. It contains book chapters, journal articles, reports, artworks, PhD and MPhil theses, conference papers, and many other items.‌


Why are journals so important? It is because using academic journals helps you get higher assignment marks as books do not always offer the most up to date research. Watch our short video on what you need to know to be able to access academic journals online through a variety of tools:

Databases A-Z
Below is a list of subject databases you can access directly as well as from Discover (you may need to log in with your University credentials for most):