University of Sunderland London Campus

Print and Electronic Books

Locate print books and access electronic books using the Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue is a list of all the print and electronic books the University provides. You can use the Library Catalogue to search and locate print books on the shelves and access electronic books (e-books). You can also use the catalogue to renew current loans, pay charges, and reserve books online.


Searching the Library Catalogue
To search for resources on the Library Catalogue you do not need to log in. Simply type one or more words that best describe what you are looking for or type a class number into the search box on the Library Catalogue homepage and click Search or press Return on your keyboard. If you require more information about searching the Library Catalogue, there is a help option to the left of the Library Catalogue search box.
Multiple copies of print books in the Library
The Library stocks multiple copies of print books. We aim to have at least one copy of each title that is on your module reading lists (provided that the book is not out of print). The Library also purchases books for reading around the subject area as recommended by your lecturer.
The item I want is not on the Library Catalogue
If there is a specific item that you require and after searching the Library Catalogue you find it is not available in the Library, you can come to the desk to talk to us for more information.

E-books are electronic versions of books that you can read online. We have a range of core texts (essential texts) available in electronic format and we constantly purchase more titles.

You will find e-books by searching the Library Catalogue. If an electronic version of a title is available, it will be displayed as a hyperlink. You can also choose to search the e-book collection only. In the Advanced Search of the Library Catalogue, choose E-Book Collection from the Collection drop down menu.

If you cannot find a particular e-book, please ask us and we will check if one is available. Where possible, if an e-book exists, we buy it. However, some just do not exist. For help on using e-books please ask us.  

Using e-books
  • E-books are online library books; you can borrow or download the whole book for 24 hours as many times as you like
  • You can add notes to e-book just like a post-it; only you will be able to see your own notes
  • You can borrow, download and read an e-book as many times as you like
  • There is no limit to the amount of e-books you can borrow and read
  • You can read books online and save/copy or print a chapter
  • Many of your classmates can read the same e-book at the same time
  • Search the content of e-books; you cannot do that in print!
  • Get an extract or chapter of a key text really fast
  • Do not wait for a reservation read online today
  • E-books wherever you are 24/7
Downloading sections of an e-book
UK copyright legislation applies to e-books as well as print books. Under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988 it is illegal to print/copy more than one chapter or 5% of a book. The majority of our ebooks can be downloaded, usually for a period of one day. However please note that you cannot print from the downloaded e-book and that any printing and copying can only be done when reading online, this is to ensure compliance with the 5% copyright rule. E-book services are closely monitored by the publisher, and customers who misuse the service can easily be identified. Misuse of e-books could result in serious disciplinary or even legal action.
E-book hints and tips
  • Library e-books do not work with kindles because you are not able to borrow them permanently
  • Choose the read online link to save/copy or print
  • Install an eReader to read e-books on mobile devices
  • You can save/copy or print a small amount or one chapter of an e-book
  • Link to e-books using the QR codes on our Catalogue
  • Listen to an e-book with ‘Read Aloud’
  • Notes you make in an e-book will remain available every time you read the book