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Referencing in three easy steps

Referencing is the process of crediting the authors and their work if you use someone else's work in your own work.

You can use reputable research and reference managers such as EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero to reference your sources. MS Word and Library Search, as well as some other sites and databases, have their own in-built referencing tools.

However, you still need to know about the University of Sunderland referencing style and apply its rules to your references even if you are using automated reference managers. Follow the steps below to reference your sources accurately.

STEP 1: Find about the referencing style of the University of Sunderland


STEP 2: Find the guides provided by the University

STEP 3: Just follow the guide
  • Have the guide in front of you all the time while writing your assignment or dissertation
  • Follow the examples in the guide exactly as they are both for your citations and references

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Sample referencing practice

Get the details of the resource

Let us say you want to use and reference the book Quality management for organizational excellence: introduction to total quality in your work. You can get all the information necessary to reference this book from the first few pages of the book (not the front cover): from the title page and the back of title page. If you do not have the book in front of you, you can also get the information from Library Search if you borrowed the book from us. You will see the details of the book are:

Title: Quality management for organizational excellence: introduction to total quality

Author/s: David L. Goetsch and Stanley B. Davis

Edition: Eighth edition

Place of publication: London

Publisher: Pearson

Publication or copyright date: 2016

Go to the guide and find the correct category in the guide

This is a print book with two authors and it is in its eight edition. Now you need to find the correct section in the referencing guide that is going to show you how to reference this book:

  • Find the correct category for the resource you want to reference

In this case it is Books/Printed books, then Books with two or three authors:

Screenshot for referencing printed books

The rule for referencing this resource is going to be like in the example below:

Screenshot for referencing a book with two or three authors

Follow the rules and examples given in the guide

So, if you quote something in your work from page 50 of this book, your in-text citation in the body of your assignment is going to be:

(Goetsch and Davis, 2016, p. 50)

And your reference list entry at the bottom of your assignment is going to be:

Goetsch, D.L. and Davis, S.B. (2016) Quality management for organizational excellence: introduction to total quality. 8th edn. London: Pearson.

Now try these steps to reference your own resources. Use the link below to arrange a referencing session if you need help.

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