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Time Management and Revision

Managing Your Time

Making the most of your time can be a challenge at busy times with coursework to finish, exams to revise for, and a life outside of studying to fit in. The resources in this section are designed to help you think about how you spend your time and how you can plan your days to fit it all in.

Time management for university students

Time management: ten effective steps

Managing my time checklist

In addition to these guides our collection includes a number of titles that can help you further improve your time management skills. Have a look at the following reading list to find books on this subject.

Managing your time reading list

Revision and Exam Preparation

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by the upcoming assessment period and how to get ready for it. In this section you will find advice on revising and preparing for exams, which may lessen the stress involved.

Revising and taking exams

Effective revision

Doing well in exams

Revision: seven point action plan

You can also browse the following reading lists for books and e-books on this subject. 

Revision and exam preparation reading list

Dissertation and final year projects reading list