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Finding Information and Referencing

Develop skills for successful study and research

The resources on this page are designed to support you through all stages of research. You will find guides on how to find resources, identify and evaluate information, reference your sources, avoid plagiarism, and information on software to help you manage your references.

Finding and Evaluating Information

When you are writing your assignments you will need to use a variety of academic quality sources. There are a number of things you can consider to help you find and select information appropriate for your research. The following material will help you to search for, evaluate, manage and keep up to date with information you use in your academic work.

Finding books and e-books 

Finding journals and other e-resources

Interpreting your reading list

Evaluating information checklist

Tips for advanced searches  

There are many additional resources in our collection to help you find and evaluate information. Browse the following reading lists for books and e-books on this subject. 

Finding and evaluating information reading list

Critical thinking and evaluation reading list

Questioning and thinking reading list

Plagiarism Awareness and Referencing

Referencing is the acknowledgment of the sources you use when producing your piece of work. This section will help you to cite and reference your sources, and avoid plagiarism. 

Citations and References

Plagiarism - draw the line  

Paraphrasing and summarising

Our collection includes a range of material on plagiarism and referencing which you can find using the dedicated reading list.

Cite Them Right

Cite Them Right is a referencing guide that has recently been updated and released both in print and as user-friendly online platform. We hold print copies in our collection and we also subscribe to the online version. 

Having instant access to Cite Them Right online makes it easier than ever to reference the sources that matter to you. It works on your tablet or smartphone, so you will always have the guidance you need at hand. You will need to log in using your University username and password.

Reference Managers

A reference manager is a tool that enables you to collect, store, and automatically reference your resources. EndNote is a reference manager that is available on any student computer on Campus. Please contact the Library for more details. There are extensive training material on how to use EndNote on their website at

There are also freely available reference managers on the internet, which you can use to manage and reference your resources on your own personal computers. An example is Zotero.

Zotero - Zotero requires you to download its free software on to your computer; it works best with the Firefox browser as it is a Firefox extension. You can create a basic account if you want to access your Zotero library on any computer. There is also a lot of training material at