Learn to use academic language and writing styles

This section is designed to introduce you to some of the academic language and writing styles you will encounter during your studies. It is part of your academic progress to learn how to use this style in order to utilise a wide range of text, communicate your ideas clearly and succeed in your assignments. Take the quiz Understanding academic language ‌to assess your knowledge!

Improving Your Reading

Effective reading and note-taking is an essential skill for university study. It will help you to analyse and understand text, write assignments and speed up revision before exams. The following guide can help you to improve the effectiveness of your academic reading. You will find strategies that enable you to read more widely and more efficiently. 

Effective reading and note-taking

The Library collection has many resources that can help you to improve your reading. Browse the dedicated reading list to find these resources.

Improving Your Writing

The following material are designed to help you improve your academic writing, with focus on understanding your assignment and different writing styles. These guides also provide useful tips on reviewing, editing and proofreading.‌‌ 

Writing in an academic style

Writing critically  

Getting started with essay planning

Paragraphs and linking words


Proofreading your work

Browse the dedicated reading list to find additional resources from our collection that can help you with academic writing.