Connect to wireless internet on campus and off campus

The University offers a free WiFi service on campus to all its students and staff as well as to registered SCONUL visitors. As a University of Sunderland student you will also have access to free Eduroam WiFi service when you visit other participating institutions. Note that Eduroam is not available on the campus in London.

Campus WiFi

This service is designed to provide greater wireless security and with regular use, reduce the time taken to get connected. Campus WiFi will help you to get online more rapidly without having to re-enter your password each time you want to use the Internet on your device.

University of Sunderland students and staff can connect to 'UoSiL' Campus WiFi using their username and Campus Network password.

Visitors using the Library under the SCONUL scheme need to register in order to use the Campus WiFi system.

Eduroam WiFi

University of Sunderland students and staff can connect to Eduroam service while visiting other participating institutions. It is a secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows free wireless internet connectivity for educational use. 

Eduroam enables you to use your University of Sunderland credentials to gain WiFi network access in other participating institutions. A list of these institutions can be found here

To enable Eduroam from the WiFi list on your device log in using your university email address ( or and University password.