Print from campus computers or from your own device

Printing, copying and scanning is available across campus. Printers are located in the Library (black & white printing) and in the group study area on the fourth floor (black & white, colour printing).  

We provide two print services: you can print from campus computers or directly from your own device.

Print from campus computers

In order to print from campus computers you will need to log on to a PC with your username and campus network password and send your document to print. You can also log on by touching your student cards on the printer's reader.

Print from your own device

In order to print from your own device you will need to upload your documents to the Mobile Print service. If you are using this service for the first time you will need to register your email address with your campus username and password.

Buying print credits
You can add credit to your print account using the top-up credit machine located on the fourth floor in the group study area. You will need to log in using your campus username and password. Please note that this is a cash-only service with a minimum payment of 5p. Printing and copying will automatically deduct credit from your account.
Printing costs

Black and white printing:
5p per A4 sheet
10p per A3 Sheet

Colour printing:
10p per A4 sheet 
20p per A3 sheet

Our campus printers offer photocopying service which deducts credits from your account in the same way as the printing service. Copying costs are the same as printing. You need to first log on to the printer with your campus network login credentials (or touch your cand on the printer's reader) and then select the 'Copy' option to activate the copier.
Campus printers offer scan to email service free of charge. First log on to the printer with your campus network password (or touch your student card on the printer's reader) and select the 'Scan' option to activate the scanner. You will then need to enter the destination email address manually to where the scanned file will be sent.